We’ve finally finish to count the posters we’ve done in the last years.
Thanks to Vita, we put the word END on the number of prints we’ve in the studio.
Since we packed the stuff in the old studio for bringing all to the new one, we’ve lived in a sort of order/disorder… never got the time to relax and check all the quantities and then give an update to our webstore.
Now, finally, we did and we’ve added a lot of prints for sale.
We had some left we thought we’ve finished and we’ve some finished we thought we’ve left… anyway, now everything is clear in our minds.
Moreover we’ve updated all the prices, so everything is great now.
So, please, check the webstore to see if there’s a poster You were looking for since a while!

After this little intro, we’re gonna show You some pics of the painting we’re working at.
We’re working a lot on canvas lately, we’re totally into it and we’re gonna work on different techniques with various subjects.
We’re now experimenting our skills in silkscreening mixing it with hand painting.
We’ve finally framed Emersion and now we’re working at another one (In Bloom).
We’re also preparing other canvases for other pieces coming.
Check some pics here below:

Frames, simple ones.
Then “Emersion” on one of these, it’s a cm 100 x 70 painting.

In the meantime, we’ve moved around “In Bloom”, colouring and printing.

Now we only have to put it on the frame and it’ll be done.
It’ll be cm 45 x 120 and it’ll look rad!
Stay tuned for more!

Listening to Harvestman – “Lashing the Rye”

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  1. very cool, guys.

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