Brushes and pencils

I know, it’s the same title of last time on reverse.
No, it’s not that I’m lazy, it’s that we’re using a lot of pencils and brushes in these days.
Today, after weeks we’ve also used a squeege.
But it sounded not good in the title.
I’ve to admit, this is not a good starting for a post, but my day started even worst with a dog pooh (not the italian band…) in front of the door of the studio…
OK, serious now.
We’re doing a lot of things all together and we’re trying not to get crazy.
We’ve received this huge package today.
It’ll become something very cool soon.

Then we proceeded with our brushes for all day long.

We’re experimenting, working on new things, quite boring of paper right now and with a lot of things to improve.

A very powerful red on gold pimp out a lot.

Then flowers

A lot of white flowers.
Then we took the screens and the squeege.
But I’ll show You little by little, otherwise it’ll finish too quickly and it’d be a pity.
C’mon! Don’t be angry

Hey, and  just cause we’re very happy, we want to tell You we’ll be at Roadburn festival this ear with Ufomammut (and Malleus of course) on saturday 16th of April.
Super cool.

Listening to Pink Floyd – Animals

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    Hey you changed the size of the letters ? I dig the canvas texture

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