pencils and brushes

We’ve spent the morning fighting with our printer, it’s getting old.
Well, we’re getting old too, ok.
Then there was a pigeon waiting for death outside the studio.
Maybe it’s a warning sign of some kind of mafia…
By the way, there’s a new political party that is gonna born soon… it’ll be guided by our dwarf premier and it’ll be named “italia”.
WTF is going on in our Country?
Please, is there nobody meaning to help us?
Can You seriously invade us?
There are a lot of “invasions for bringing democracy”, we’d need some too.
These things make me soooo sad.
Anyway, don’t wanna bore You with political affairs…

We’re working on a Captain Beefheart print, we’re doing a commemorative image for Rumore, an italian music mag, then we’ll work on a print with it.
It’s coming out totally cool.

Then, while working on several drawings, today we’ve started another project we’re gonna develope during this year.
Guess what?

We’ve also finally finished to count all the posters we’ve left (since we’ve got a little mess with the moving from one studio to the other one…) and in the next days we’re gonna do an upgrade to the webstore.
There’ll be some adding and so on, so keep an eye at the blog/site.

And tomorrow morning (European morning) there’ll be another good news;-)

Listening to Converge – No Heroes right now

2 Responses to “pencils and brushes”

  1. We Swedes are trying to invade Italy all the time. the problem is that it is mostly as Tourists. :-)

  2. Maybe you can find lots of oil in the ground so my country will invade you. Too bad we’re controlled by right wing rich people, same as you. It wouldn’t be any better. I’m hoping for a Tunisian style revolution but if it happened here it would be the Tea Party who would take over because our people are dumb and blaming the wrong people for our problems. I sure hope for you that Berlusconi is going down finally. Funny how a guy can rob and steal but it’s having sex that brings him down.

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