Back to school

Finally these holidays are over.
I was looking for an impact sentence… I suppose the one above is not the best.
Anyway, I’m happy we’re out from this period of the year in which every three days there’s a saint to celebrate.
By the way, we live in a Town  keeping the mummy of a saint in a church…
Ok, this one was a better sentence then the one I used for opening the post.
I’ve watched the Banksy movie  ” Exit Through the gift shop” this evening and I suggest You all to check it out.
While You can easily sort out the genious of the english street artist, at the end of the movie (well, not just at the end…) You’ll start in asking Yourself a lot of things about art.
But it’s been really really educational.
The world is full of rabbits…

Wow, that one could be another good sentence…
Surely You’ll think we’ve been on holiday cause we’ven’t uploaded any new artwork.
I’m sorry to disappoint You but we’ve a lot and a lot of crap coming in the next days/weeks/month (and years too I suppose…).
First of all we’ve some of our art in a movie spot we’ll announce as soon as it’ll be 100% completed.
Then we’re working on a project some of You will probably wear soon to feel safer (no, I’m  not speaking about condoms, even if it’d be cool to work on special Malleus’ ones… ok, sorry… and this could be another sentence to start with…).
Moreover we’re working on some cd/lp covers, like the next OvO album, the next Monkey3 and the first 1000mods.
And we’ve some design to prepare, for a TEEPEE records european tour,  for the Asymmetry festival and  for a book…
Then prints for Swans, The Black keys and another band we’ll keep secret for now.
And a lot of other stuff will come out from our little minds very soon.
Check the details here below if You don’t trust me!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Be happy, a lot of Malleus is coming for this 2011 and a great announce for all You Ufomammut lovers will come in the next days too.
It’s only a week we’ve entered the new year and we’re ready to rock yet!

Listening to Bad Brains right now. The first Bad ones, obviously

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