As some of You probably know, 2 of Malleus play in a band called Ufomammut.
Last year, I’m talking about 2010 and I know it sounds strange to say “last year”…, anyway… last year we gave our souls to create music, we spent days, weeks and months on music.
We had a new record out called “EvE” and we toured Europe a lot to play it.
We met a lot of people, we shook a lot of hands, we embraced lots of friends, we looked in a lot of eyes, we saw a lot of them closed, we felt a lot of warm.
And it’s been great for us.
It’s been like having a reward for the vibes we’ve given to You.
And yesterday, like a final accolade we’ve been chosen by the readers of Roadburn.com as album of the year.
It’s been great, You know, these are little things, we’re a small band, but we put our soul in everything we do.
And again we felt the warmth of You.

It’s been strange, listening to Woven Hand, to think about You.
Seeing a lot of Your faces, eyes, shapes in the dark, hands, hairs, smiles…
It’s been a great year for us, both with Malleus and Ufomammut.
Thanks so much.

Still listening to Woven Hand

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  1. Fuckin Gamboa Says:


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  3. massive congrats!!! Ufomammut totally deserve it. my no. 1 HEAVY album of the year too.

  4. schoppenaas Says:

    You totally had my vote. Congratulations!

  5. what a question,best of the year,of course:)

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