A couple of days to the new year.
I’ve liked this one finishing.
Ok, getting older, but it’s been a nice one.
We’ve done tons of things, with Malleus, with Supernatural Cat and with our band Ufomammut.
We enjoyed it, we met lots of great people, we visited a lot of great places, we did a lot of posters, drawings, we used a lot of pencils, screens, inks, paper, and we satisfied our souls a lot.
And this is the important.
Feeling great with Your soul.
Well, Ok, I need to meet Lemmy to feel 100% ok with myself.

And what about You?
I’m always the one speaking here.
Hope this year with Malleus has been great for You too.
In the last days we’ve received some nice emails like the one from Mitchell (showing the unfinished tattoo on  his leg)…

… and the one from Chiara (so happy for her brand new print).

This things worth a lot for us.
Thank You guys.
Thanks a lot for a wonderful year together.

Listening to Tweak Bird right now.

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  1. Volevo sempre chiedervi… ma quel disegno (tatuato sulla gamba) ha a che fare un pò anche con Kikyo di Inuyasha vero?!?
    Beh… un anno con Malleus è stato fantastico… adoro i vostri lavori e sto ancora aspettando con trepidazione la mia copia di The Blood of the Mountain in the Hammer of God…

  2. Hello guys,
    I’ve made a lot of screenprinting things too this year (also if I printed the 99.99% of the things for other poeple). Follow our soul is the main thing we all need and must do to be contagious with our positive vibs!

    I’m changing the motor to my Heidelberg Windmill (to see what’s a Windmill see here: and I hope to be operative the soon as possible. With the Windmill you can do a lot of good things (this guys use letterpress printing and also a Heidelberg Windmill: ).

    I hope to meet you 3 one day.

    Have a nice day,

  3. Despite having bubonic plague at the time, getting to meet you guys in Bristol was one of the highlights of my year (how sad is that?!). Needless to say, Eve rocks and is my album of 2010. What else was good? The UK student protests. Perhaps global anti-capitalist resistance is growing again, together with grassroots development of more equitable and participatory approaches to politics and economics. We can but hope.

  4. It has been a great year, as you keep filling it with great artwork.

  5. Fuckin Gamboa Says:

    Have a fuckin good 2011 you coffee drinking heathens

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