And finally Xmas has passed.
It’s a so sad day… it’s a sort of battle You have to survive to.
Anyway, it’s gone and we feel better.
Food, money, the pope saying silly things (and well,by the way… I’m quite bored to reada lot of people is thinking the Vatican is Italy… damn, it’s not… well, at least it shouldn’t be… ok, it’s not but they rule our politicians… oh my gosh… again… help us, we’re nice people… well ok, not all of us… ok… nothing… let’s go back out of these dangerous digression…), the emptiness after the presents are finished… what a sad day.
It’s been a nice afternoon cause I had this one to work on:

A supercool Millenium Falcon of Lego!
Well, I know, there’s a better version, but this one was enough for me…
I’ve also got some really great cds I was looking for, so Santa has been nice with me ¬†bringing Rwake, Shining, John Lennon and Mose Giganticus.
I’m very very happy for these ones. And if You don’t know these bands, go and check them.

And, talking about bands, we’ve finished the artwork for the upcoming new album of the great OvO.
“Cor Cordium” will be out in April via SupernaturalCat, our record label.
You can listen to a little preview here and check a part of the art below:

Finally I’ve taken a picture at the real face of Santa Klaus (Kinski?)…

More to come… a lot more…

Still listening to Converge… but I suggest You this movie

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    Top 10 albums 2010???

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