Only a few hours to Xmas.
It’s crazy outside, I’ve been to a supermarket and I was thinking it was the end of the World… people was filling carts like Armageddon is coming…
Damn, it was a nightmare.
Anyway, I survived and I’m ready to show You the great masterpiece I told You about yesterday.
We’re very proud about it, we try to do one every year, but this time it has come out totally cool.
So, hope You’ll dig it too.
Have a nice Xmass and, even if I’m sure we’ll be in touch in the next days, a super cool 2011.
Enjoy our wishes;-)

Listening to Converge right now

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  1. fucking gamboa Says:

  2. HastOHSHIT Says:

  3. Merry Christmas from PosterWhore! Thanks for all of the good wishes and always delivering great stuff. Have a good one!

  4. Nice,
    but..the Easter poster will be with the deers? :)

    The best wishes, sorry for the tshirts delay guys!

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