Some news…

…not to leave You all alone in this icy period of the year.
I know, I know, lately we’re missing a little from our blog, but it’s not because we don’t care anymore about You.
We always stay friends, no?…
This is a great excuse I’ve to fight a lot in my adolescence.
Anyway, we’re here.
I know, we cancelled the Supernatural Cat night in Ravenna and You all went there, I guess You were about 50000000 waiting outside doors for the beginning of the event… nope, right?
We’re finishing the artwork for OvO next album coming out in spring for Supernatural Cat and we’ve to move quickly on it.
So, we hope to be able to show You some shots of it soon.
The cover idea comes from an idea of Stefania (half of OvO), we’re very happy with it.
And in the inside of the cd we’ve decided to put her original drawings too.
So, keep an eye here and on our label site to see more coming soon.
Then we’re working on some posters for next year’s festivals, we’re moving for some posters for 2011 and then other things I don’t want to bore You with.
Then there’s Christmas, the day everybody is waiting for getting mad around presents and spending money… damn.
Then there’s our curse again, still on power of our poor Nation.
Then there’s ice on the cars in the morning that is better then ice in the brain.
Then there’s something I’m forgetting to tell You and I’ll remember, obviously, as soon as I’ll close this post.
Next time, ok?
Wow, no images in this post.
No, it’s not possible, gotta find something out.
Ok, I got it.
This is a little of OvO.

Have a great weekend

Listening to The Black Keys

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