The Doors

Again, not the band.
Today is a great days cause, finally, the new studio is basically done.
They came and gave us the doors.
The ones missing, the ones for the bathroom.
We had a temporary one, it was good apart from the fact that it closed itself from the inside…
Well, anyway, as You can see here below we’ve brand new ones.

We’ve put something on it to make it a little more interesting, to feel the vibes going into the bathroom is a very important moment for humans…

In this period of waiting for the doors (oh damn! not the band!)  we’re working on a lot of stuff.
We’ve just finished our part in a secret project You’ll see hopefully soon on TV.
I cannot tell You more, just wait and You’ll see.
Then we’re working on a lot of record covers lately.
There’s the one for OvO, the new band on Supernatural Cat, our label.
Then there’s the one for Black Capricorn, an italian band coming out soon on 12th records, the record label of our friend Joel, the owner of the mighty Electric Amp, best gear on the World.

And then there’s the cover we’re developing for the swiss band Monkey3.

And then a lot of other crap will come out soon from our little hands… we’ve some designs for festivals coming next year like Asymmetry and Stoned from the Underground and then from January posters and more.
I already need to rest a little… and then there’s Xmas coming… I think I’ll hide myself in the bathroom of our studio till next year.
Well… the holy bathroom we have!

And don’t forget next week:

Listening to Incoming Cerebral Overdrive right now

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