Today is a strange day.
Everybody remember John Lennon has been killed 30 years ago.
Ok, we’re sorry, everybody loves Beatles.
Plastic Ono Band is a great record.
I feel bad when I think about Lennon.
He’s not the only one we should remember.
Another great musician died on the 8th of December.
If I’m not wrong 6 years ago.
I’m talking about the guitar master Dimebag Darrel of Pantera.
Killed by a psycho too…
I know, I’m a métal head…

Listening to Dead Elephant right now

3 Responses to “8”

  1. Drinking a beer on great musicians passed away!

    “This video contains WMG content and is not available in your country.” – Love it.

  2. Fans always remember the 8th of December. R.I.P Dimebag. R.I.P John. Happy B-day Jim.

  3. fucking gamboa Says:

    Darby Crash tooooo

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