It’s snowing.
A lot.
Mario Monicelli, the italian director of the greatest “italian comedies ever” has gone yesterday.
It’s sad, he was an old guy, but it’s been sad.
And it makes me think a lot cause it’s like all the italian culture is dying with these all people leaving us year after year.
Like nothing new is coming from this Land.
Keep the culture low and You’ll have the power…

Anyway, let’s talk about other things.
We’ve been out of Town in the last weekends, so we’re delaying the shipment of a lot of the last orders.
We’re working  on that, tough.
So in the next days everything will be on Your way.
Patience is a virtue:-)

And tomorrow, in the afternoon here and don’t know when there, we’ll put on sale our last posters.
So be ready, cause we’ll have not a lot of them.
There’ll be Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

And You can see a Jpg of the print here above.
Then there’ll be the last ones we did for Monster Magnet, Melissa Auf der Maur and MEI.
By the way!
It was cool to meet a lot of people during the weekend in Faenza.
Here are some shots.
First of all the stand we had (damn… every year it gets smaller…)

While Poia was trying to survive to the rain…

… and Lu was relaxing on her chair…

… I was fighting with a nasty guy showing me his fingers…

Ahaha! We’ve to thank a lot Tavor for coming and helping us.
Tavor is one of the founding member of Ufomammut, by the way.
And he’s the cousin of Poia.
And he’s a great guy.

Another little thing before leaving You.
I’m putting up another blog, only pics and little things.
If You want to follow it too (I know You have a lot of time to waste, so don’t say no!!!)
It’s here.

Ok. So remember: tomorrow afternoon on the malleus webstore.

Listening to Nine Inch Nails right now

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  1. ElMariuolo Says:

    Come mai vi danni sempre meno spazio al MEI? Rispondete mai a qualche commento?? xD

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