Well, probably “tales” should sound better.
Anyway, sometimes You think about something You’d like to develop in the way You are able to do it coming alive.
Let’s say that there’s people writing books, people making movies, people working on comics, or music, or other kind of stuff.
We do posters, we put on paper all the stories we see in our minds.
Sometimes they’re crazy stories, sometimes they’re beautiful ones, sometimes they’re normal and easy things.
But everytime we’ve something different coming in our minds.
And it’s funny when You find out You’re not the only one having such “dreams”.
For example now we’re printing the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion print.
Well, to be honest we’ve finished it today, but we’ll show You only a part of it for today.
You know, I’m such a bastard…
Do You remember the poster we did for Blues Explosion years ago?
Check here.
Well, we imagined this giant woman eating the 3 guys of the band.
But it could be that the band was living in the woman too…
So, look carefully at our prints, there are different ways of looking at them.
And now, working on the tour poster for JSBE was another possibility to think about something to continue the first poster.
On some way… thinking the girl has been jailed.
But it’s better to pay attention to a woman that could eat men… she could be evil :-)

We’ve printed the first colour (a silver/blu) on grey paper.
Not cardboard,  it’s a very very fine grey paper.

We’ve worked on a “ruined” background, the idea is the one of a mugshot as You probably have understood.
But we wanted to give the idea of something “found after time”.

The second colour is a red.
The thumb is not printed… and it’s not included in the buying of the poster…

There’s this red that reminds me of something… maybe blood?

Well, check where is the blood and You’ll understand more about the poster.
You’ve time till tomorrow when we’ll show You the third and last colour: the black.

And it’ll be an heavy day packing stuff for the exibithion at MEI…

Listening to Death Breath right now

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