Happiness is a warm gun

I won’t tell You the reason for a long time but I feel really happy right now and I want to share my feeling with You, cause it’s cool to see that everyday there’s more people reading our blog and checking for our stuff, so I want You to know it’s a cool evening.
A pity the aliens will arrive tomorrow to destroy Earth… well, so some catastrophist is saying… :-)
Well, we got a lot of secret things we’ll announce little by little in the next weeks, just stay tuned cause these things will make us happy and we hope they’ll make You feeling the same.

Here’s a new image of the MEI poster, it’s the jpeg we did for checking the colours.

They’re ready to be signed and numbered for a run of 150 pieces.
They look very very cool.

Today we’ve burnt the first screen for the upcoming Jon Spencer Blues Explosion poster we’re gonna print in the next days.
Here’s some shots

We’re curious to see how this print will come out.
And You?

Listening to Master Musicians of Bukkake

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  1. Mei poster…wow!!!

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