The poster for MEI 2010 is printed.
It’s been an hard work, the print is quite big as the paper, so handling has been a pain in the ass… but we’re very happy with the final result.
Stop chatting and let’s go with the images.

We used 2 iridescent light blu fading one into the other to complete the prints.
They’re quite transparent and they give a “water effect” to the final image.

They look pretty nice and they’ll get a lot better once the colours will be totally dry.

Well, we’re happy with this print.
As always it’ll be available during the days of the MEI and then after on our website together with the other last ones we’ve realized.
So, please, just wait till the end of this month.
Well, providing we’ll be still here after the UFO invasion planned for this wednesday…
You know the legend?

Listening to Lemmy right now.


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  1. The print looks great, can’t wait to see it in the flesh!

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