People of the métal!
It’s been great to meet You all in Nancy.
Well, the venue was something really cool, it was like being in a sort of “2001 – a space odissey” but all in red…

Sometimes it can have collateral effects on people, so Poia couldn’t controlled his hairs again and this is what happened to him…

To avoid this incredible growing of hairs he had to stay very very close to white walls (and well… they were quite rare) in ascetic positions.

While Vita and me had no problems, well… we’re naturally bad looking and red walls cannot change the situation that much…

Apart from these silly things, we really enjoyed our staying in Nancy being a part of the Metal Ride fest.
Even if there are strange puppets in France…

… we could party with the infamous “Pòzza”.
What’s “pòzza”?
Well, to make it simple… in Italy we’ve the worldwide famous Pizza.
And if You are italian (like we are… so I feel I need to excuse us for Berlusconi first of all…), You’re used to eat Pizza.
And when You go abroad, sometimes You keep the bad decision to go for a pizza…
We now know that what we eat outside Italy, 90% of the times is not pizza.
It looks like, but it’s not.
We had this idea several times, so we’ve coined a new word, a new definition for this foodstuff and it’s “Pòzza”.
Please, note the accent for the right pronunciation.
So, now that You know, You can go everywhere and ask for some good pòzza.
Like we usually do

It was good, a little heavy, but good:-)

Ok, and now a surprise.
The MEI poster is developing (not by itself… Lu was in the studio working at it!) and another colour is done.
So, only one is missing.
Check the silver out

Only one step to have it finished.
Tomorrow, once we’ll have finished to fight against Pòzza digestion… :-)

Listening to Botch right now – An anthology of dead ends


2 Responses to “Métal”

  1. Mangiate meno Pizza all’esterno possibile!
    L’ultima volta che mi sono fatta fregare è stato a Praga! UNA “PIZZA” che era aglio praticamente! blèèèèèèèèèèèèè!

    Ragazzi siete su Facebook?

  2. Quei puppazzi sono una versione (brutta) dei cuscini per dormire sui mezzi… credo…

    Come al solito i vostri lavori sono mozzafiato!

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