France again

We’re leaving to France tomorrow morning.
We’ll be in Nancy, a very nice city up in the North.
We’ll be at Metal Ride festival with the band and with Malleus.
Hope to meet You ALL there.

In the meantime, we’re working and printing a lot.
Time is never enough in this period and we’re basically getting mad.
But i like to get crazy on things I love.
We’re printing the new MEI poster.
We’ve done 2 colours today, a super cool copper red and black.
Some of You will think that cause of the black, the posters will be finished, but we must be a delusion for You cause 2 colours are still missing.
It’ll be a very very cool print with a lot of transparencies.
Let’s go with the pictures.

This is the red.
This poster is extended to all the paper, it’s looking big even if it’s the common size we work with.
After red we did black.

And she’ll look at You like that:

Details are nice, uh?

and then a detail of her superior part of the body to show You the “MEI 2010” rounded inscription.

Paper is very very nice too, a light green very classy paper.
You’ll see how it’ll get once finished.
So, stay tuned.

Last thing, we’ve numbered the MAdM posters today and there’ll be only 60 copies available.
Very soon, jus stay tuned… again:-)

I’m writing in the silence of the night, I’d like to listen to Leonard Cohen right now

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  1. fuck yeah! looking good.

  2. this looks like a stunner!

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