We’ve just started another blog today, it’s time to spread more about our record project called SupernaturalCat.
Check it here, if You’re interested.
Well, there’s not so much for now, but we’d like to put some efforts on it to make it grows.
C’mon, be nice and follow it.
And spread it too.
So now I got my nights full of writing…

In the meantime we’re ready to print the next poster that will be for our annual expo at MEI.
Here’s a small detail.

It’ll be a 4 colours poster.
This is for sure.

In the meantime we’ve numbered and signed the Monster Magnet ones and the exact run is 120 pieces.
All the new posters (MAdM, MM and Mei… wow! 3 M posters) will be on sale after MEI, so after the 28th of November.
Let’s say end of this month beginning of December.
Will You resist?

Finally, another news is that we’ll be in Nancy, in France, this weekend.
We’re gonna play with Ufomammut at Metal Ride Fest and we’ll be there as Malleus too.
There’s a band I’m very curios to see… check the poster for the show on the website of the festival and let me know if You guess which one…
The name is interesting… :-)

Listening to AmenRa – Mass III

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  1. fucking gamboa Says:

    adicted pussy destryers ? That Berlusconis’ band ?

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