It’s raining again like hell.
It seems like the sun doesn’t want to shine here anymore.
Probably because our Country is getting grey and sad every day more, but it’s getting really annoying.
We’re working at some new posters and we’ll unveil the drawings very soon, they’re MEI 2010 and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
In the meantime we’re realizing some book covers and some illustrations for a big secret project.
Don’t be curious, we’ll tell You more very very soon.

By the way, there’s a book out right now for Arcana label, a book about Horror Rock and the cover is by Malleus.
It’s the Dark Nouveau print, as You can see, it fits perfectly.

Yesterday we had a nice visit in the studio by the guys of Incoming Cerebral Overdive, well if You prefer You can call them ICO.
They are one of the bands on our label Supernatural Cat.
It’s been great to meet them, they came with some tracks for their next album (oh damn! You’ll have to wait, next year).
It seems it’ll be a very good record, so prepare Your stereo for them.
What? You don’t have a stereo but only earphones and an ipod… a pity.
Nothing is like a vinyl.
I know, I’m an old school guy…
Anyway, I’d like to close this post with our friend Mr C. posing with “io splendo”.
What does it means? Io splendo is “I shine”, and sure he does!

I’m not listening to Black Breath, I wanted to go to their shw in Milano but this f***ing weather makes me so lazy…
And then, I could post “November rain” here… but there a limit to everything…

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  1. Arcanas of Malleus;)

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