Monster Magnet

First of all I must say I’m happy to read that Aung San Suu Kyi is finally free.
Today is a great day.

And now I can go back to less important things…
I told You, only one day to wait.
And I’m so nice I’ve decided unveil the brand new Monster Magnet before the 24 hours ran out.
Check it here below and let us know our thoughts :-)

And here’s the Jpeg, just to check if everything is ok:-)

We’re gonna count them in the next days, too lazy today.
Now it’s time to print the MEI 2010 prints, then we’re working on other ones, we’ll tell You more very soon!

And again: today is a great day.
Aung San Suu Kyi is finally free.

Listening to nothing right now

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  1. fucking gamboa Says:

  2. ieri sono andata a vedere i 65daysofstatic e ho preso il loro tour poster… perchè non l’avete fatto voi???????questo è grande 10 cm piu’ di un A4,2 colori e basta. carino eh ma sono sicura che se fosse stato fatto da voi sarebbe stata tutt’altra cosa!i 65daysofstatic meritavano un tour poster dei malleus e lo meritavo anche io :P

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