Finally we are officially in the new studio.
Notary approved… damn
We still don’t have doors for the bathroom, some windows still open, a lot of furniture to work on… but Malleus is officially in the new studio.
It’s cool, we’re happy, but apart from leaving a lot of bucks to the notary, nothing has changed since yesterday…
Ok… we still have our power washer broken, but we’re working on it…
And we’re printing the Monster Magnet poster.
It’s coming out very nice, incredibly we’re doing the right colours, I mean, like we wanted them to be…
We’re at the blu today and we’ve received only one answer to discover what’s on it.
Anyway, if You look at the pics below You’ll easily discover.

This is the screen of today, and You can see the film behind it.
One of You already imagined the final subject.
C’mon You can do it too!
It’s easy, very easy!

Tomorrow, we’ll work on gold.
Not the real gold, we’re not jewelers, I meant the gold color…

Now it’s time to go

Listening to US Christmas right now

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