Going on and on and on

In these days we’re sinking under a pile of works.
There are secret things we’re developing for secret Companies of the secret World of secrets (no, it has nothing to do with our Premier… yes, the one surrounded by prostitutes… that one…), then we’re preparing the posters for Monster Magnet and MEI 2010, drawing a cover for a book, making paintings, drawing and drawing, trying to answer to emails (and sorry if we’re always delaying…), waiting for the sun and sometimes eating.
And in the meantime we’re printing the MAdM version of Malleus (hoping the posters for Melissa will arrive tomorrow in Holland for the beginning of her tour! Please, cross fingers with us).

What You see below is not a sparkling pizza or a glittered cake.
It’s a nice pic of the poster and it’s just to show You how it’s coming along.

Try to eat it, if You want.
I’d suggest You to avoid the idea…
Anyway, going back in time, we started the printing process for the 70 copies last saturday, we’ve done 5 colors till today.
Did You know that english people say “color” and the american say “colours”?
And that my computer is english cause everytime I write “colour” there’s a red underline above the word.
I could easily understand if You totally don’t care.

Ok, here are other shots of the process (it’s always the same, I just try to distract myself from thinking about the italian situation…)

It’s coming out very very nice again.
I must say I could be happy if only I didn’t have to go to the dentist tomorrow morning…

Listening to Black Breath – Razor to Oblivion

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