MAdM 2

The 80 copies for Melissa are ready.

It’s been an hard work, but we’re happy about them.
First of all let’s see what happened today…

It all started with Pink.
Not the singer. I don’t like her music that much and she’s not so famous here.
I mean the colour.
We first printed the pink colour.
So, we’re at 5 screens for 7 colours.
Then we checked the film…

… to see if everything was good.
Then we prepared the screen and we set it up.

And finally the last colour.
The eight one, the black.


And magic of the magics… the poster came out really cool!
Back in black;-)

And in its entirely:

Here below You’ll see the digital file.

After an hard day of work, the MAdM poster is done.
Now we’ll print the Malleus version.
They’ll be ready soon.

In the meantime we’re working at a secret project that will make us TV stars…, then a Monster Magnet poster for their gig in London and the MEI 2010 poster.
And other stuff.
Just stay tuned.

Listening to Mose Giganticus right now.
They’re Melvins playing Mastodon… but I like them

4 Responses to “MAdM 2”

  1. meraviglioso. davvero meraviglioso.
    il vostro stile è fantastico, ho ricevuto qualche giorno fa la mia stampa di quello dei melvins argento e ne sono stra-felice. ♥
    presto vi dedicherò un post nel mio sitarello.

  2. […] in full effect and, for this print, we are treated to more colors than we usually get from them. On their blog, you can see some photos which detail the print’s screenprinting […]

  3. Oddio è stupendo…. ascoltando le canzoni di questa ex bassista delle Hole.. viene proprio in mente di immaginarla così..


  4. Hey
    how can I get one of this amasing Auf Der Maur’s print ?

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