It’s difficult to write on the blog in these days, very very busy on different projects and we’ve started the printing process for the MAdM tour posters we’ve to finish tomorrow.
We need to ship them, so it’s better to move on working!
And damn, it’s a 8 colours poster, so, not so quick to do it.
Well, the run is not high, only 80 posters and they’ll be available during the tour (check the dates here).
Then there’ll be a Artist run of 70 pieces only, with some colours differences.
No more words, let’s go with the pics

First shade is from gold to metallic green

Then a bronze

And after it a red shade

It’s been a very cool printing, we’ve used the right transparencies, so colours ave meshed in a very good way

And finally a very cool silver.

And I must say it’s coming out a very very cool poster.
Happy about it, cause I’ve loved the OOOM movie and I think this poster reflects it in a good way.

So, tomorrow only 2 colours left and they’ll be done.
Stay tuned for more!

Listening to the Melvins – Lysol

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