It’s 2 days it’s raining like hell.
Damn, we’re quite bored with this weather.
It’s time to move to Australia.
Or a warmer place.
While our Country is struggling against the sex ill dwarf ruling our political madness since years… we’re going on working on new stuff.
Here below You can see the last touches Poia did on our painting version of “Emersion”.

Please, note “the expression of the artist” in one of his best moments:-)

Moreover we’re drawing a lot, not on the walls like children… damn, You’ve always to think bad things about us…, no, we’re using paper.
And there’ll be a lot of posters and new art coming very soon.
The first one will be the Tour poster of Melissa Auf der Maur for her World tour staring tomorrow.
We met her some weeks ago in Milano, after some years (we did the poster below for her 6 years ago!) and it’s been great.

Check OOOM,  it’s very very cool!
The movie has been totally inspiring for the poster, it’s been amazing to work for her!

Here are some details.
We’re starting the printing process tomorrow morning, very curious about how it’ll come out!

And You?

Listening to Rwake – Voices of Omens

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  1. love another Auf Der!

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