Busy is the word to explain why we’re not keeping our beloved blog updated.
A lot of things has happened lately and a lot of other ones are happening in these days.
We’re changing a lot of things around us, a lot of works, a lot of ideas, a lot of departures and arrivals.
But things are moving and we’re so busy we cannot stop a minute.
That’s a good thing, by the way…
So, please, forgive us if we’re vanished from writing.
I promise we’ll be back in a few days.
We’re inking and drawing a lot, Melissa Auf der Maur, MEI and a big project we’ll unveil You soon.
Check some little images, tough.

And moreover, if You’ve lost the limited edition of “EVE”, last album of Ufomammut, You probably know You’ven’t watched the visuals of the entire record.
Well, now it’s time to check them starting from Part I.
Ok, gotta work now.

And, before I forget, please, drop a line to our Premier ask him to help You for anything You need… he said he’s a generous and good guy.
That’s why he helped a 17 years old lady chick/thief in Jail, cause he’s a very good guy…
In the meantime Naples is under tons of garbage and Italy all is sinking down…

Just watched “Taxi to the Dark side”

2 Responses to “Busy”

  1. fucking gamboa Says:

    good photos…your cat is improving

  2. Complimenti ragazzi per tutto quello che fate, i vostri lavori sono magnifici, ho appena consegnato il regalo (L’ultimo dei Melvins) al mio ragazzo .. (di cui vi metto anche la pagina web/facebook).

    Grazie davvero
    siete i migliori


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