Chicago, Birmingham and Carbonara

Yesterday was the day of the Grand Guignol show.
Hope it’s been a cool one, it’s been at Century Guild Gallery and I’m waiting to see some pics.
A pity we didn’t make it to Chicago, but we’re recovering from a lot of days on the road and we’re working on a lot of new projects, damn, life is hard, sometimes.
And today it’s the third day of  Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, Uk.
I guess it’d be a very cool on, lots of great and interesting bands, so it was quite easy to make a great event;-)
Damn, it was on the same days of Grand Guignol exhibit, everything comes always together…
So, trying to relax a little, yesterday we went to a small Warhol exhibition near our hometown in a small city (well… city is a big word…) called like a pasta receipe: Carbonara.
It was on a very old tower in the square of the Town.
And, honestly, for being a so small Town, I must admit the show was nice.
Very nice and… oh excuse me, I’ve an experiment to do right now…
Stay tuned while I … bbzzz… bbzzz… zzz…

Hey! I was walking at the exhibit and suddenly my eyes jumped out of their orbits!
Because I saw that Andy Warhol did AP versions of his art.

Think about the owner of the original art. He spent a lot of money for it and then, the white headed artist, one day, decided to screw him doing an A/P version. Not fair! Ooooooohhhh nooo.
What about the value of the first run?
And then… hear ye… in the other room there were 3 cows.

3 silkscreened cows on paper.
And ok, he changed the colours but they’re the same!
WTF! Think about the poor guy that bought the pink one.
Again, lots of money trashed!
The day after Mr Warhol took out a yellow one.
Oooooohhh noooo! This is so unfair.
The value?
Is this an artist? I can’t believe it’s true… I can’t believe… bbzzz… I can’t… I … zzz..

… zzz … bbbzzz …

Hey! What happened?
Sorry. I’ve rented a brain for some minutes yesterday and I was trying it.
There was a “be an art expert” campaign and there was a brain giving away, so I had to try…

Warhol was and still is a f***ing genius.
Silkscreen is the word.
Art is what You feel.

Listening to Clint Mansell – MOON ost

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  1. fucking gamboa Says:

    In a scene in the crappy movie , Boogyman 2 , a character says he’s , ” going to San Francisco to make silkscreen rock posters at a lithograpghy studio ” …….TAK !

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