We’re back in our beloved and extremely corrupted Country.
After a couple of weeks spent around Europe, we’re here again, watching our “premier” working on himself like always, surrounded by filthy slaves ready to do anything for their king…
It was so cool to be far from all these sad things, it was so cool to meet people around Europe, to be a nomad without a land, to feel free in a free World.
And damn, the first thing I saw once in Italy was that nothing has changed, we’re still under the supremacy of a dwarf, an evil dwarf that is sucking our blood and life…
Anyway, apart from this , I feel good.
We’re back and ready to start a lot of new projects.
Please, keep an eye on our webstore cause Gran Guignol and Supersonic, together with their respective Art prints will be on sale very soon.
The date will be between 22nd and 23rd of October.
And tomorrow we’ll show You another piece we’ve ready for Your eyes.
Just to remember You how the last pieces look like, here are the pics:

This one is for the Supersonic Festival taking place in Birmingham (UK) from the 22nd to the 24th of October and…

… this is the Art Print of the Grand Guignol exhibition on the 23rd of October in Chicago, at Century Guild Gallery.
We’ll be a part of the show, but sorry we won’t be there in the USA.
Just back home and quite tired.

Things are getting to normality, by the way.
Poia is back to his common hairstyle, the Mammut is back in its cave and it will sleep for some time, our hands are ready for new works.
Thanks to all of You guys and gals appearing at our shows in Europe in the last days.
It’s been great to meet You!

And of course, the butterly just flew away (she didn’t like our band…)

Listening to nothing after 15 days of heaviness…

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