Touring II

We’re in Belgium, we’ve  a day off, so I think it’d be a nice idea to show You what’s happened in the last day.
Well, I know, not that You care that lot, but maybe You could be curious.
You say no, You don’t care?
Well, I know at least Your neighbour will be interested in reading this, yes, the one that got a better and more green garden then You.

First of all, Poia and Ciccio have a new hairstyle.

and it seems like they’ve worked on a hair exchange…

It’s been a consequence of this poison below…

600 times hotter then tabasco… You understand?
Anyway, it’s been a good touring till now, we’ve a show left, tomorrow in Hamburg, Germany.
The crowd has always been cool, like You can see from this pic:

and also the landscapes out of the hotel windows seems to be quite interesting…

As You can see this one is Dover, can’t You see the white cliffs…
Of course, we have had bad moments too, like with these people here below:

… but fortunately there’s always some superhero ready to help…

Mmmmh, let me think if I’ve something else to show You…
I’ve plenty of other silly pics, but I’ll need them to feed this blog for the next days… so, be patient, please.
And well, I understood You were not interested at the beginning of this article…
Ok, last one for today.
I wanna be really poetic.
I want You to feel warmness in Your hearts.
Look at this: a wonderful butterfly flied on Vita’ snare…

And now we go with the quiz.
You can win something choosing the right solution.
The butterfly:

1. was not a buttefly
2. has been crashed and mangled with a minute long heavy roll by Vita
3. has been eaten by a  chameleon that was hidden on the floor tom (since a week but we didn’t notice)
4. has played an incredible 2 hours drum solo  and we had to cancel the gig
5. has simply flied away
6. spoke to us revealing all the misteries and secrets of life but we can’t understand dutch

So, answer the quiz and win something.
C’mon, it’s easy!

Listening to Betty Davies right now!


8 Responses to “Touring II”

  1. Secondo me la risposta giusta è la 5,anche se la 6 era molto carina

  2. Probably numero 6, dutch butterflies are like that.
    Oh, and those hair shots are deeply, deeply disturbing.

  3. whatshername Says:

    7. gave you the finger (or antenna, whatever) and flied away like a boss.

    On another note, I don’t know which one of you is the bastard that can’t fly but I hate you, take the boat and come to Greece or I’ll find that butterfly and wipe the dust off its wings and it’ll die a horrible death. Thank you.

  4. urbodyelectric Says:

    i’d like for it to be number #6

  5. Credo la n.6, ma non parlava olandese, le farfalle parlano esperanto. :))))

  6. With no doubts – this flying creature has played an incredible 2 hours drum solo and You’d to cancel the gig which means it wasn’t a butterfly but an alien who came to Earth on board of outstanding metallic winged craft (last seen in 1961 above the beach near Italian Pescara).

  7. This lazy butterfly had done nothing but flying away cause of pure fear. So no. 5

  8. Mike Allen Says:

    #4. That butterfly looks tired!

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