We’re in Nantes right now, we’re touring Europe.
Tonight we’ll have the last show with Ufomammut and Malleus in France, then tomorrow we’ll move to England.
You can check all the dates on our website or on the Ufomammut’s one

Anyway, things are cool and we’ve some good pics for You:-)
First of all, the air of France is magic and Poia and Ciccio got some unexpected changes on their look…

The first thing I saw once in France was this mammoth hidden in the bathroom in Lyon.
It was a good starting for our tour.

Moreover, someone is trying to exploit italian food to get rich. Pink sweet spaghetti could be the food of the future.
Think about it!

But I’ve already found who will take care of respect for italian food: the panda killer will be the avenger we were all waiting for.

Then there was this amazing poster of a classic movie…

it’s quite scary.
And while Ciccio was sleeping in his bed, covered  by a blanket full of himself…

… I spent the morning looking the beautiful lansdcape outside the window of our hotel in Montpellier.

That’s all folks!

And don’t forget to check our webstore for the new Swans poster!

Listening to  “As we draw” doing soundcheck right now.


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