We’ve finished the poster for the Supersonic festival, right before leaving for another european Tour.
Before showing You the new images of the poster I’d like to remind You again that Malleus will be touring with Ufomammut (well, it’s quite easy cause 2/3 of us are 2/3 of them…) and that we hope to meet You in France, or in Spain, or maybe in Uk, or if possible in Holland, or in Belgium or in Germany… just choose one, check the dates on our website or on the Ufomammut‘s one, but please, bring Your ass to these venues and come to say hello! C’mon!

Ok, so let’s go with the poster.
Are You ready?
So, this is the final shape of the poster.

It’s a run of 135 pieces.

And this is how it’s born…

My cat took the picture above…

So. What do You think?
We’ve also printed 42 AP without inscription.
As always… I forgot to take pics.
I’ll do some before leaving and I’ll show You.
Anyway, the poster will be on sale after the festival and some copies will be on sale during the festival too.

Stay tuned for more, cause, even if we’ll be on tour, we’ll have some news coming soon.
And don’t forget to keep an eye at our webstore cause  Swans posters will be on sale very soon (well, they’re in preorder right now)

Gotta prepare my bag now. Tomorrow we’ll be on the road again!

Listening to Budgie right now

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  1. stunning!

  2. Amazing inspiring work!

  3. Excellent poster, i’d like one!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I hope to buy one.

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  6. roolz!

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