Back home, leave home

I must say I felt quite strange entering Switzerland without being stopped at the borders.
Rockaholics has been really great, we met our friends Chuck, Ron, Lindsey, Michael and Guy Burwell.
We had a great time with Gunther, with the other poster artists (by the way… we’re all human beings, it’s quite funny when I speak about “poster artists” meetings, it’s like a super hero convention… or Xmen keeping all in touch…), with the people that came at the show and everything has been really cool.
I’ve also discovered we’ll play in Bristol next week below the studio of Chris Hopewell, the Croft is in the same building… so he’s gonna work on a poster for Ufomammut.
Then, I must say I felt quite strange getting out of Switzerland without being stopped at the borders:-)

Today we’ve started one of our best posters ever.
It’ll be the one for Supersonic Festival in Birmingham, UK.
We’re so happy about this print we hope to have it done before we’ll leave on wednesday for the tour (what tour? the one with Ufomammut, check their site for the dates and come and say hi, please!)
Stop talking, let’s go to the pics:

This will be a 3 colours poster and the first one is done, it’s a glittered copper ink on light brown raw paper.
Check it closer…

…and closer

Tomorrow the second colour and then, hopefully, they’ll be done before the night.
We’re working at a run of 130 pieces about and we’ll have 40 AP available.
And we’re thinking about a canvas big version in 100 x 70 cm.
Let’s see.
Stay tuned for more!

Listening to US Christmas right now
And this one below is rad:-)

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  2. fiqo il poster…

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