Rockaholics II

While we’ve finished the print of the Grand Guignol and we’ve done the films for the Supersonic Festival poster, we’ve also worked on the preparing of the exhibition tomorrow in Zurich, in Switzerland.
Yes, it’s true, we’ll be in Switzerland.
We’ll have to pass one of the last and most hated borders in Europe.
I’m prepared to be stopped and to be accused of being a drug dealer, everytime I’ve to go to Switzerland it happens.
First the italians, then the suisse police…
Anyway… once we’ll make it, we’ll meet a lot of friends we’re looking forward to see.
There’ll be Lindsey Kuhn, our friend and great artist from Denver.
It’s a couple of years we don’t see him, so it’ll be great to spend some time with him.
The same for Guy Burwell, great posters from Portland.
And of course there’ll be Chuck and Ron of Firehouse, San Francisco, after our meeting in Milano in June, they’re back in Europe.
And then Michael Hacker, we met him last time in Wien and he showed us the light speaking us about “Hevisaurus” (see some posts below…)
Well, check out the website of Rockaholics and if You’re around come and say hi.

And I suggest You to check the making of the stunning poster Guy Burwell has prepared for the show: here

Apart from this, today we’ve finished the painting for the Grand Guignol show.
Here are a couple of pics.
I’ll post more next week if You want.
If You’re ok with these, I’m fine.

Aaahhh… borders…

Listening to Tweak Bird right now

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  2. Hey there! This poster is simply amazing!!! Will it be available on your webstore, and if yes could it be shipped to Greece? Cause the last time I tried to order a poster, it said not available to ship in Greece :(
    I have the Pelican poster from the 2007 Roadburn and I want some more Malleus posters!

  3. HastOHSHIT Says:

    Come to Germany again and bring the rest of Ufomammut with you!
    How about a show in Saarlouis? Even the mighty Sunn O))) played there ;D On a 3x4m stage.

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