Grand Guignol

In the last days we’ve worked a lot on the Grand Guignol stuff.
We’re trying to do our best cause we’re very happy with the design we came out and I must say that the new poster we’re working at is even better.
It’s a good period for our pencils:-)

Anyway, anyway.
Let’s unveil the last things missing about the Grand Guignol serie.
I don’t wanna bore You repeating the same jingle of the last threads… so, I’ll try to be nice explaining with new words.
As You know we’ve done a poster.
No, it’s not good.
Let’s start again.
As You know we’re taking part to an exhibition about Grand Guignol on the 23rd of October in Chicago, at Century Guild Gallery.
We’ve realized a poster for this show, it’ll be a run of 180 pieces and we’ll only have 30 copies available.
Then we’ve worked (and still working) on other 2 versions.
One is an AP of 80 pieces (and we’ll have 30 available).
It’ll look like that, see here below:

We’ve also decided to print a bigger version on canvas.
It’ll be a cm 100 x 70 painting.
And it’s coming out very very cool.
Here below You’ll see some pics of how it’s coming out till today.
First we painted the canvas black (I see a white canvas and I want it painted black…)
Then we did a dark silver and a red colour.
White is missing, tomorrow…

I’ve to admit that these pics of the red colours are pretty nice, cool effect…
While we’ll print the white, please, prepare Yourself for the next poster.
It’ll be for Supersonic Festival, in Birmingham.
And it’ll be super rad!

Listening to the Secret

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  1. OMG This poster is f**king stupendo *_*
    Guys… you are amazing… really!

  2. se vi dico che è meglio così che col bianco?

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