We’re back since a few days and I’ven’t got the time to tell it to You.
Damn, I know You’re probably worried and You were waiting for a call to tell You everything was ok… sorry sorry sorry, I just forgot.
Anyway, we’re good, safe and feeling better at home, even if I’ve a teeth hurting.
But I’m happy for the tour, it’s been a blast and I’d like to talk with You a lot about it, but it’s late now and I’m tired like Biancaneve after eating the apple.
To be honest I hope no princes will come to kiss me this night… I’d prefer to wake up by myself, if possible…

I’d like to show You the great poster Michael Hacker did for Ufomammut for the last gig in Wien.
Isn’t it cool?

After the show Michael talkedus about “Heavysaurus”…
It’s a finnish metal band for children… the band members are dressed like dinosaurs… damn, it’s amazing!

Listening to Heavysaurus…

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