We’re still around, we’re in Leipzig right now, in Germany.
We’ve got a cool gig (thanks to all of You for coming) at UT Connewitz.
It’s been great to play in this old cinema.
The entire tour has been a blast, both for Malleus and Ufomammut.
Here’s some pics to show You how many crazy thing s You can see on the road…

This one is: “tink about the name to choose for Your Company…”

Incredible candies…

…but these ones rule!

Heavy metal…

… and Mumii…

…great art for great bands…

… and what if VanGogh was  a fisherman…

Have a god night!

2 Responses to “HEY!”

  1. Van gogh?then it would be a secret;)
    I love old cinemas!:)

  2. But… I’m wrong or this is a puppet of the comic “Bone”?

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