We’re on the road since only 5 days and it’s like we’ve been out of Town for months. We’ve done a lot of kms and we’re leaving Denmark right now.
We’ll be’ in Stockolm this night, then tomorrow Finland.
It’s been rad till now, lots of people, great shows, poster lovers and an incredible amount of crazy things…
Like for example the ones below…
Different names for the same thing, a strange name for Vodka, an evil Messner, a present from our friend Martin (Naming himself Don Cazzo…) and the saddest pet ever…
We’re on the road again.

Listening to the Beatles right now

6 Responses to “Touring”

  1. fucking gamboa Says:

    ” we’re on the raod again ” Isn’t that a song by the Grateful Dead ?

  2. fucking gamboa Says:

  3. play loud tomorrow,it s the 9th,don’t forget,ha,ha! cheers!

  4. la colazione dei campioni! vi ha abituato bene l’ufomamma…

  5. not the same name for one thing their totally different !
    try and you’ll know it !!

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