I know You’ll feel sad cause tomorrow we’ll leave for an european tour and we’ll stay on the road for more then 2 weeks.
And You know that I probably won’t be able to write everyday my usual bullshits… I know it’ll be hard, Your life won’t be the same for the next weeks.
But then we’ll be back and we’ll have lots of things to tell You.
And what if I’ll make it and I’ll write suddenly on the blog posting news and such?
Cause we’ll have to work a lot on the van, it’ll be our new studio (again…)
We won’t print on it, but we’ll draw and we’ll go on doing what we need to do to live (no, not stealing… damn… what a bad reputation You think we have?).
Moreover, I’m pretty sure I’ll bomb You with silly things on Twitter (so follow us here for malleus and here for ufomammut).

Today we’ve numbered the Melvins posters, they’re 145 pieces.
They’re very nice. I forgot to take pics as promised… Sorry…
Enjoy the ones my cat did yesterday. They’re good, c’mon.

Okay, now I think I’ll go to prepare the last things for tomorrow.
Hope to meet You on the road, check the dates on our site or on the ufomammut’s one.
In the meantime we’re finalizing the dates for October too, we’ll be in Switzerland with Malleus, then in France, Uk, Holland, Belgium and Germany.
Next step the USA.

Then the Moon.

Listening to Monster Magnet right now.

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