Ladies and gentlemen…

… the Melvins!

The poster is done, like we said yesterday.
Yes, I know… It’s the jpeg file… I gave the camera to my cat again and she did some bad pics, so I preferred to put first a good image…
Here we go with the real pics.

A close pic to the face. We used a very cool raw grey paper and we printed 5 colours on it, a serie of silver colours.
We used a transparent translucent ink for the skin, so that paper is  visible on the background.

Then there’s a copper shading from up to down and from light to dark.
On it a light silver.
This is the best pic my cat did.

And this is the final result.
It’s not on a cage, it’s only my cat is a cat, so not enough smart to lift up the drying racks…

I promise to take some better pics tomorrow, I had to run out of the studio today.
Anyway, it looks good, or not?

Are You ready to come and say Hi in the next days?
We’ll hit the road in a couple of days, so, please, check the dates of septemebr here below and hope to see You all around:
2nd. GRAF HUGO – Feldkirch – Austria
3rd. CAFE’ CAIRO – Wurzburg – Germany
4th. SOUTH OF MAINSTREAM FEST – Stolzenhain – Germany
5th. LOPPEN – Christiania – Denmark
8th. KUUDES LINJA – Helsinki – Finland
9th. LUTAKKO – Jyvaskyla – Finland
10th. NUCLEAR – Oulu – Finland
11th. S-OSIS – Turku – Finland
12th. KORTER – Tallin – Estonia
14th. POD MINOGA – Poznan – Poland
15th. UT Connewitz – Leipzig – Germany
16th. FIRLEJ – Wroclaw – Poland
17th. ARENA – Wien – Austria

Listening to Jocelyn Pook.
And I’ve watched “Terrore nello spazio” (Planet of the Vampires) by Mario Bava.
Totally cool!

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  1. looks awesome, guys. great results!

  2. yeeees!

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