The final countdown…

My gosh… what a terrible image of people with mullet hairstyle shaking the head listening to a great success of the 80s…
Sorry for the title.
By the way, when we played with our band Ufomammut at Hellfest a couple of years ago, our drummer and our friend Lorenzer had breakfast with Joey Tempest… ahahah… anyway…

Things are getting hectic here, we’re doing the last things before leaving for our european tour and we spend our days in a sort of nervous tension cause a lot of things are moving and we’re having surprises from every side…
But luckily we’ve prepared the tour book and packed all the merchandise

The good thing is that we can move easily in the new studio, doing things is not an odissey anymore…
Then, we’re printing the Melvins poster.
It’s coming out very good, we’re using a new paper,a  very very cool one and this poster will be way different from the previous ones.
We’re using different colours palette lately, having more space means saving time and got the way to experiment more.
Probably in these years You’ve noticed we don’t like to do always the same thing, graphically and technically, we try to change things to enjoy our work everytime more.
I cannot think of finding a cool solution and using it in every poster. Forever…

So, these are some shots:

We’ve done a copper shade from darker to lighter, then a translucent transparent gold for the skin.
Then the power of metal  took the upper hand and we did a dark silver..

Check this detail, maybe You can understand better the paper and colours:

Tomorrow we should finish it.
Damn, Lu is better then a semiautomatic printer, she handprints like hell. HANDPRINT, she’ll be stronger then Hulk one day.
Poia and me will try to stop her but she’ll break us like twigs.
Then she’ll cry cause she’ll feel lonely and she’ll start in partecipating in body building competitions to meet other super muscled people…

Ok, time to stop now… I’m so tired I’m getting a real idiot.
Gotta go to sleep now… of course… who care?
Pay attention, Lu is watching You!

Listening to Master Musicians of Bukkake – Totem Two
And please… don’t be angry with me Californian people…;-)

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  1. fucking gamboa Says:

    Lu could kick my ass

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