Time is getting short, only a few days and we’ll be on the road for more then 2 weeks, we’ll be in Austria, in Germany, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Poland for a serie of shows with Ufomammut and Malleus.
So, a lot of music and art. It sounds cool.
We’ll visit places we’ve never been before, like Finland and Estonia.
Looking forward to be there, I’m very curious, really a lot.
After 2 years of USA, it’s good to travel a little in our old Europe.

We’re thrilled and we’re working like donkeys to finish some works before leaving.
For example, today we’ve printed the films for the Melvins poster and we’ve prepared the first 3 screens.
Tomorrow we’ll start the printing process, so stay tuned.
Here’s a preview, a detail of the poster

Then, here below, there’s a better pic of the Swans poster, an important one for us cause it’s the first one coming out from the new studio

It’s a very busy moment, time is never enough. But it’s so cool too.

Last thing, I’ve just opened a twitter account for ufomammut, so if You want to know in realtime what’s happening just follow us here!

Listening to “Abbey Road” by the Beatles.

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  1. yeah on the road:)..and Hathor will save you:)))
    Melvins looks great!

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