The family bathroom and other stories

It’s been a great night. Yesterday.
First we had a couple of hours of consumeristic alienation… we went to the famous swedish furniture store (You know what I mean… I don’t have the energy to pronounce or write its name cause we’ve been to it too many times in the last period…) and we found nothing of what we were looking for.
But I had a visit to the bathroom, the so called “family bathroom”.
Apart from the chilling vision I had entering it, imagining an entire family of mother – father – 4 children moving inside it… I was surprised by it cause there were really fantastic thing. You know when You laugh like a stupid and You’re alone and there’s nothing to laugh… well it was my situation.

Have You ever seen something so fantastic?
Ok, it’s like in the real life, there’s the original one and the clone trying to getting bigger… but when it’s related to a toilet it get hilarious.

We went in Milano to meet Melissa Auf der Maur.
She’s been very nice, she talked about Malleus on stage (and it’s been strange, people seemed to know about us…) and then she invited us in NY.
This is a quick summary, obviously.
It seems everything has last 30 seconds… we met a lot of friends too and have some beers (or a cocktail, the new passion of Poia), we saw MAdM on stage and so on.
Then she gave us a copy of her DVD (OOOM) and I’ve watched it today.
And I must say it’s a great work. Check more on her site and look around for it. Very cool short movie, some images are really really impressive.

So, today we felt very good in the studio and we worked on some new posters and tees.
Melvins is quite ready for the printing part, the secret one is in the drawing process and the tees are done.
What tees?
Maybe You don’t remember but we’ll be touring Europe from next week, with Malleus and Ufomammut, so we’ve printed another kind of t-shirts for the band.

They’re dark grey on black and they’ll be available on tour only.

and this is the back

Then, here, You can see a detail of the drawings going on for the next posters:

one is for the Melvins and the other one is still secret.

Finally we’ve numbered the Swans posters today.
They’re 150 and they’re very good.
Wait and You’ll see ;-)

Listening to the Dillinger Escape Plan right now

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    Whoa! I love the swans poster and the new teesign! Awesomatic!

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