A great band deserves a great poster.
When we were younger (a lot of time ago, 2 of us grew breastfeeded by a mammoth, we called her mUmmuth…), we’d never thought that one day we could have the chance to meet people that seemed so far.
In the last years we’ve worked for a lot of our “Youth heroes”, we’ve done posters for bands and people we could even imagine they were real.
Well, when You’re Young it’s clear You’re a little stupid… but it’s been strange.
And the strangest thing is that you notice that these guys are not only real, but they’re like You.
Ahhhh… getting older makes me so wise I can’t believe I’m the one writing here.
Anyway, considering I don’t know where I want to go with these things I’m writing, I’ll make a short summary saying: “wow! It’s cool, we’ve done a poster for another great band: the SWANS!”
And this one below is the final result:

Is it good?
There’s been a lot of work behind this poster, lots of details, like the frame hiding the name of the band:





and S.
And if You look carefully You’ll see the dead tree behind her skin.

And the hairs, the crown, lots of things to play with.

We’re very happy with it and You’ll have to wait till october to see it in person.
C’mon, it’s only 40 days!

Listening to Flat Duo Jets right now

4 Responses to “SWANS”

  1. Simply stunning!

  2. oooaaah,magic!it s soo awesome!

  3. Hello Folks!
    io scendo a Bo x i Melt Banana,mi chiedevo se gironzolavate da QUELLE PARTI con un banchetto……Ho giusto qualche buco in camera da riempire!

    Greeting from London!
    A proposito,chi di voi e’ correlato con Taverna (vecchio amico) di Cento (FE)

  4. Hey!
    JUST saw the swans last night and they were AMAZING!!!!
    Also, got your poster… which is also amazing- reminds me a lot of mucha who is my favorite artist. Really beautiful work- thank you so much. It is definitely one of the best things I have ever bought at a show. It is printed REALLY well too- beautiful varnish.

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