A lot of violet today.
Purple and violet.
We’ve quite finished the poster for the Swan in NY, it’s a little more quick and easy to print in the new studio.
Probably we’ve expiate our sins in the old little studio and we’re out of the purgatory…
We’re also inking other 2 posters (Melvins and a secret one) and we’ve other works on the run (pencils and sketches and ideas).
And in one week we’ll be on the road for a serie of gigs with Ufomammut and exibithions with Malleus.
Damn, it’s a pity we’ve already to leave our new studio;-)
Anyway, let’s go with some pics of the first poster of our second age (it sounds good… “the second age of Malleus”… hope it’ll be the golden era)
Ok, so, before I get irreparably stupid… the pics!

And with this we have 4 colours.
And then other 2: a dark purple and a “brown glittered gold”.

Look at it closely, it’s better for Your eyes.

It’s coming better and better.
Tomorrow the last colour and then signing and numbering.
We’ll have to wait october to have this candy on sale.
Will You be able to resist?

UUUUhahahahaaha  (evil laugh)

Listening to Howlin’ Wolf –  Evil

3 Responses to “Violet”

  1. i don’t know if i can wait until October !!!

    seriously cool to see you guys making magic in the new studio.


  2. fucking gamboa Says:

    your cat is a ace photograpgher

  3. october???I know that you are THE eeevil!:)))hurry up!

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