Ring the bell

We’ve a bell on the door of our studio.
And we’ve a 8bit tone playing a sort of “Oh Suzanna”…

It’s awful, I know.
And we’ve a clock on a red column, it makes very communism…

But it’s good in this bad politic period here in Italy to stay on a red line…
And we’ve a seat and a bean bag chair, thanks to Poia’s mum.

We also have a lot of work to do.
We’re printing a new poster, it’ll be for the Swans in NY, in October.
2 colours are already on paper

It’s a peanut colour paper and this is gold.
And the one below is a fading pinky gold.

In the meantime we’ve started in inking the Melvins poster …

… and we’re dddrawing another “secret for now” print.

More will come ver soon. Lots of stuff to do and an upcoming tour starting next week!

Listening to How to destroy angels right now

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  1. Psychoarts Says:

    Your posters are amazing! This blog is inspiring. Keep the posts coming.

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