It’s a real pleasure to experience the new studio.
We’ve lived for about 5 years in a sort of cave that at the beginning seemed to us very nice.
Then, little by little we found out how horrible and uncomfortable it was.
First it was 3rd floor and everytime we had to move something it was a titanic deed… Paper is one of the heaviest thing on our Planet.
Then we had a continuous war against pigeons that at the end we lost. So we had a sort of “pigeon family” on one of the balconies… of course it was nice to see little ones growing, but when You find out how stupid they are, the emotions change quickly in desperation and You’d like to have a flame thrower in your hands… fortunately I like animals and I respect them, so we decided to forget about the balcony.
Then we had little rooms and small space to move in. And, thinking about it now, a dark room where we spent half of our days drawing in the free angles of our desks, with our computers warming and a sort of tropical heat during the summer…
Ok, the rent was really low, but there was a reason…

So, now it’s really cool to work, I know it’ll sound strange but, loving what we do, it’s never been a sacrifice and I’m totally happy of thenew studio.
For example, yesterday we’ve finished the colouring of the first poster we’re gonna print in the new age of Malleus, the Swans print for their show in New York on the next october …

… and we also printed new tees for the upcoming Ufomammut’s tour. And it’s been really easy with a lot of space and new stuff to work with!

I feel like an idiot… I’m living in a sort of continuos enthusiasm excitment… I feel like the monkey around the monolith in “A Space Odissey”…

Listening to Black Tusk right now.

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