I’ve asked my cat to take some pics of the lab part of the studio.
The result is nice, she’s a black fat cat but she’s very good in taking pics.
So, here below You can see the area we’ve created for preparing everything we’re gonna ship in the future, more space = better packages.
And there’s an incredible order, it’s great to have different areas to work in, we’ll need some skates to move in this big studio!

And we’re very proud to show You “Gino” and “Panino”, our brand new drying racks!

And, incredible but true… we’ve 2 printing tables now!
And a Gamboa and a Griffin on them.

No semiautomatic or futuristic tables… we HANDPRINT our posters, cause we like to suffer and cause otherwise it’d be like being a printing factory.
We think the beauty and value of what we do is in the manual printing process. Or not?

Moreover we’ve a fantastic new area with two tables ONLY for drawing and inking.
Ahhh, it’s soooo cool to have everything You need to do what You love.
This is a detail of the upcoming poster we’re working at, it’ll be for The Swans in NewYork.

Last but not least, I’d like to show You the design we’ve worked for Magnolia Parade 2010.
It’s a festival in Milano taking place at the beginning of september.

Listening to Les Claypool’s Frog BrigadeĀ – “Live Frogs – set 2”.
It’s a complete performance of the Pink Floyd classic ‘Animals’ recorded live in San Francisco.
Very cool.

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