Today we’ve finally started in working in the new studio.
It’s been an inking day. No need to work at home anymore.
On the 20th of august 2010 we’re back to work.
Everyday we discover something wrong (well, apart from the doors missing, the windows to be repaired and something else I don’t remember… but we’ve lost every hope…). Some electric plugs are not working, for example.
Or our old Pc we use for making our Epson3000 is dead.
But, everything else seems to be ok.
We don’t have phone and internet connection, but it’ll arrive soon.
This is how our studio looks like:

We’ve to buy some frames to put some more posters on the walls, we’ve some Griffin, Kozik and some paintings up.
And a Gamboa, of course.
But we need more.
Also, we need a coach and some easy-chairs to create a relaxing area where You see the red carpet.
Well, it’d be great to put a bubble pool, like the ones for the children…

Apart from the garbage and the chairs, it looks nice, isn’t it?
We’ve also put the curtains to divide the lab from the studio and opaque films on the windows too.
And we’ve build a Picasso table… it’s so bandy You cannot understand how it can stay up…

Finally I want to show You the drawing area, we’re inking the poster for the Swans and for the Melvins we’re working at.

Little by little we’re arising like a phoenix and we’re making things rolling again.
So, prepare to see a lot in the next weeks, and we hope You’ll come and say hello when we’ll be on the road!
We’ll pass by Austria, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Estonia and Poland very soon.
Check the dates on our website or on the ufomammut‘s one.

In the meantime, our friends Sara and Benny at Orange Factory, in Belgium, have just printed the posters we’ve realized for their upcoming shows: Circle and Wino.
Check them out here below:

Gonna show You the other part of the studio very soon, I need to take some good pics, first.
And You know I’m a bad photographer!

Listening to Tweak Bird right now

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  1. fucking gamboa Says:

    maybe let the cat take pictures ?

  2. studio is looking great!! congratulations on lower blood pressures… :)

  3. love that Circle poster. reminds me of The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles.

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