I’ve notice that if I don’t write on the blog nobody visits it.
So I guess that what I write is not so interesting to be read twice…
Anyway, we’re still in Belgium, after the 2 festival we played at with our band Ufomammut (Yellowstock and Ieperfest), we’re relaxing at our friends Sara and Benny’s home.
The gigs were good, lots of people and everything was very cool.
Tomorrow we’ll go back home to finish our studio and complete some works we’ve to do before september.
We’ll start in posting pics in the next days, don’t worry.

It’s been a nice weekend, we met the devil …

… on the road to Nazareth…

… then we visits an alien place…

… and we discovered a giant spider is moving to conquer the Earth…

… but we’ve a magic bread missile to fight against it.

Ok, too many beer… It’s better to stop drinking…
Be back soon, have a great beginning of the week and keep an eye at the blog cause new works are coming very soon.

And I suggest You to check the art of Daniela Uhlig, very very very cool.
She’s from Berlin, Germany and she does great stuff.
I’ve discovered it looking at the cover art of a band called Rotor, then I found out I had some of her pics in my favourite saved images.
Her hand is magic, her women are great.

Listening to Human Bell right now

2 Responses to “BELGIUM and RAIN”

  1. ha,ha:)nice pictures!!!hope you arrived good so the butterflies will come soon in the new studio:)
    and.. I want the same bread:)))looks good!

  2. Ciao.
    Non so se vi ricordate di me, comunque vi ho segnalati sul mio blog, qui
    Lo so che è una stupidata, ma spero non vi dispiaccia.

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