Water power and muddle

It’s been an ending of the week of fight against water and muddle.
We’re getting closer to the end of the studio, now we miss some little stuff (like tables and putting on our brand new dryers) and then, hopefully before the end of the end of next week we’ll be ready to work again.
We’ve checked all the posters and we’ve put them on their shelves, then we’ve thrown away a lot of crap and we’ve created large areas for everything we’ll need, from drawing to printing, from packaging to relaxing…
It’ll be a nice place to stay, at the end.
The washer is finally working, Poia worked on it for one day, getting mad with water, but at the end he fixed it.

It’ll be easier to clean the screens from now on.
Then we’ve put a red and white stripe to point out the step between the 2 areas, but something is still wrong…

And I’m not sure it’s something related to the step…
This is how it looks like right now.

And as soon as it’ll be done we’ve a lot of stuff to work on.
So, it’ll be better to hurry up!

Listening to the old “Demon Box” album of Motorpsycho. It’s still damned great!

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  1. It s dangerous to move between the stripe:)take care!:)big work you made!

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